About the project

The idea for this blog just popped into my head one day during a conversation with The Parsnip.  Most bands/musicians started off playing other people’s material, gradually developing their own sound.  I never did.  I never felt good enough to play other people songs.  To me it was easier just to write my own.  That way I knew I’d be able to play them, at least reasonably, well.

The idea here is not to cover songs by others but use them as a starting point, as inspiration for the creation of new music.  In the process I hope we can provide a bit of information about music you might not have heard and/or provide about of an insight into the thought processes behind our creations.

Frosty 1973

Frosty 1973

Frosty 1973 has always enjoyed home writing and recording.  Rarely have these recordings seen the light of day.  His most notable public efforts were with the band, Epilogue in the early 1990s:

The Parsnip

The Parsnip has always been involved in musical creation of some type or other.  One of his most recent project is Herby Dumplins with collaborator Paul:



We hope you enjoy listening to/reading our blog.  In the future we hope to attract more talented contributors than ourselves to join in with the creation.

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